Our mission is to meet the complete satisfaction of our direct customers (= importers) by supplying our quality motor vehicles at reasonable prices.
Our final achievement shall be to make the customers, who actually drive our vehicles in their countries, enjoy delightful car life.

At the same time, as one of members in Matsushima Holdings Group, we must execute our corporate social responsibility, especially in Malaysia, where has been given us the business opportunity for many years, especially to the children who will build up bright future in the world.


①What is "WAKU WAKU to OVERSEAS Project"?

  • This project has been started by TRADE DEPT of Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. since year of 2009.
  • The meaning of the project name
    →WAKU WAKU means the feeling which the person expects the good thing will happen soon. We would like to extend this feeling to our business partners in oversea.

② Purpose of the Project
Through the project・・・,

  • We are sending our message to express our deep gratitude to everyone with the word "ARIGATOU = THANK YOU" with our smile. It is because our business cannot exist without the patronages and cooperation of our customers and business partners.
  • We would like to introduce our corporate philosophy and activities of Matsushima Holdings Group to our customers and business partners.
  • We would like to express pleasure and passion of our activities and expand a circle of Waku Waku feeling to all people related to us.
  • We would like to establish stronger relationship with our customers and business partners heart to heart Finally we dedicate to delightful car life for our customers who really drive our cars in their country.
  • We would like to express our hearty gratitude to business partners for all their helps. We never forget our business is supported by many people. It brings us our duties and passion for doing our work.
  • MATSUSHIMA HOLDINGS | Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. is our head quarter.
In Kyoto, Matsushima Holdings was established in 1955 as an authorized dealer for Mazda.  Today the group has 14 showrooms in Japan.
  • CFF MALAYSIA | CFF (Caring for the Future Foundation) is a Japanese group supporting under-privileged children's life and independence.
We have supported CFF Malaysia, because we hope to do something for the country which has been our main market for a long time.
  • TIGER SHOJI | Tiger Shoji Sdn. Bhd. is our service centre in Malaysia.  The service centre takes a very Japanese approach into vehicle maintenance and customer care.