Company Name
Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.
December, 1955
50 million yen
Main Business Activities
Sales of Motor Vehicles as authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen,
Audi, Maserati, Porsche, MINI, smart, MAZDA and SUZUKI
Sales of Used Motor Vehicles
Export of Brand-new & Used Motor Vehicles
Repair & Maintenance of Motor Vehicles
Sales of Parts & Accessories
Casualty Insurance Agency Service
Head Office
40-3 Kotobuki-cho, Saiin, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 615-0033, Japan
Masaaki Matsushima, President & CEO
Number of Employees
Overall sales in 2012
40 billion yen




Dec., 1955
Heian Mazda Co., Ltd. was established by Shichibe Matsushima, CEO.
Jun., 1957
Heian Mazda Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kyoto Mazda Co., Ltd.
Jan., 1972
Kyoto Mazda Co., Ltd. bought back the stock of Toyo Kogyo and its capital adequacy ratio becomes 100%.
Aug., 1975
Yoshiaki Matsushima became CEO.
May., 1977
Hachijo Service Center opened in Kisshoin, Kyoto.
Jun., 1978
Trade Dept. started export business.
May., 1989
Stern Kyoto Co, Ltd. was established and obtains the authorized dealership of Mercedes-Benz.
Sep., 1992
Faren Kyoto Chuo Co., Ltd. was established and obtains the authorized dealership of Volkswagen and Audi.
Jul., 1998
Masaaki Matsushima became CEO.
Nov., 1999
Motoren Kyoto Co., Ltd. was established and obtained the authorized dealership of BMW.
Jun., 2000
Kyoto Mazda Co., Ltd. was restructured because of the change of organization.
Jul., 2000
Kyoto Mazda Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kamig Co., Ltd. ”Complex dealer Kamig”
Feb., 2002
Kamig Co., Ltd. obtained the authorized dealership of MINI.
Dec., 2003
Kamig Co., Ltd. obtained the authorized dealership of VOLVO.
Jan., 2014
Kamig Co., Ltd. changed its name to Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd.
Dec., 2014
Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. obtained the authorized dealership of Maserati.
Jan., 2015
Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. started rental car business after obtaining business rights 「Budget Rent a Car」
Feb., 2015
Maserati Kyoto opened.
Mar., 2017
Maintenance Factory opened in Kameoka city.
Apr., 2017
Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. obtained the authorized dealership of Porsche.
Apr., 2019
「KIWAKOTO」Flagship store ,which delivers a luxurious car life with traditional craftsmanship, opened.
Jun., 2019
Audi Centre Setia Alam opened in Malaysia.
Jul., 2019
By obtaining the Hattori motors group, Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. expanded BMW's sales area to Shiga Prefecture.
Jan., 2020
Total body conditioning gym "TAKE Kitayama branch" opened.


Matsushima Holdings shall be the human society based on cultivating the delightful life of our dear customers and our employees.

1.Absolute trust

Keeping promise, being polite, thinking in a position of partner ―
We strive to achieve the goal of our company management with a morality and a business aesthetic.

2.Hospitality beyond your expectation

We strive to act in the conformity with the company management to make priority for the benefit of society and customers.
As a result, the reasonable profit shall be brought to us.

3.Company with presence & pride

Matsushima Holdings shall pay the heart-warming consideration to people.
We are proud of being the employees of Matsushima Holdings.
We strive to become a company respected by our neighborhood and our own family.

  • MATSUSHIMA HOLDINGS | Matsushima Holdings Co., Ltd. is our head quarter.
In Kyoto, Matsushima Holdings was established in 1955 as an authorized dealer for Mazda.  Today the group has 14 showrooms in Japan.
  • CFF MALAYSIA | CFF (Caring for the Future Foundation) is a Japanese group supporting under-privileged children's life and independence.
We have supported CFF Malaysia, because we hope to do something for the country which has been our main market for a long time.
  • TIGER SHOJI | Tiger Shoji Sdn. Bhd. is our service centre in Malaysia.  The service centre takes a very Japanese approach into vehicle maintenance and customer care.